How dirty is your phone ?

Let’s admit it, this generation we feel handicapped without our smartphone.
We practically live with it 24/7.

The head down conversation….
Check it out while taking public transport, MRT, buses, over dinner table and even seating on the toilet throne. It’s all a head down conversation with your communication device.

However, It is a  love hate relationship with our mobile phone. The palm size device connect us with the world and friends, so much that we can’t leave without it and yet we are feeling depress when our lovely phone gave up on us or causing us to fall sick cause by the germs on the phone.

Disinfect and spring clean your phone now.

At Home Clean Home, although we do not provide phone cleaning service, we do provide disinfectant and sanitize corners of your house using the latest technology . With just a minimum cost, it will give you a peace of your mind.

Well if you insist us to clean your phone, we can do so too. However, you must be a high risk taker and always ready for a depressed day.




March 16th, 2018|